Workflow Analysis for Healthcare

Healthcare workflow analysis helps hospitals and medical centers to find out areas where health IT solutions can help in increasing the efficiency of performance.
By looking at a workflow at a granular task level, business users can tweak processes for optimal efficiency and workplace productivity. Workflow analysis often reveals redundant tasks, bottlenecks, and opportunities for more automation.

If you are responsible for organizational efficiency, you’ve probably spent time thinking about workflow management, BPM, and automating redundant processes (Business Process Automation). Many people simply jump on the workflow automation bandwagon because of the fear of missing out–they don’t want to lose out on all the "benefits and advantages".

But sometimes, these efforts just don’t seem to work like they are supposed to. The reason? They didn’t do workflow analysis.

There’s no point setting up an automated workflow unless you know the benefits you expect to receive, and how your workflows can be improved. Unexamined workflows get stale quickly and become part of a legacy system.

However, if you have hard data and feedback from stakeholders, you can use workflow analysis to find several easy ways to improve on what you already have.

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