Pre-visit RCM Automation

Phasing in a RPA or Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) implementation is the ideal strategy to boost ROI and cost-effectiveness. Not only does this gradual process help hospitals maintain steady cashflow, but it also allows health systems to adjust more seamlessly while still reaping financial rewards that can be reinvested into other automation initiatives.

  • Automated Insurance Verification

Gather superior results including benefit, deductibles, copay, remaining days, other coverage details and more with this comprehensive tool that places the data back into your system in the correct fields... Imagine that!

  • Automated Deductible Monitoring

Reduce patient bad debt and increase revenue up to 30% by holding claims only until the deductible has been met or the claim is nearing timely filing.

  • Automated Authorization

Over 800 payers are already automated and we will custom build the rest for you. The bots will gather the data from your system, submit the auth request, check auth status and place the authorization back into your system with this seamless automation

  • Automated Medicaid Applications

Let bots complete the applications, check status, search for retro Medicaid and update the patient record.

  • Automated CAQH updates & Credentialing

Let bots complete the applications, check status, update information, and monitor Licensing expiration dates in this "DO IT FOR YOU" solution.

  • Automated Insurance Discovery

The best technology with human intelligence. We examine claims and clearinghouses at multiple levels to find every possible payer source.

Reduce returned mail by up to 60% with the Demographic Verifier tool. We leverage expansive consumer databases to validate demographic attributes including name, address, DOB and SSN.Automated Demographic Verification

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