What our Customers are saying...

We believe that the strongest proof we can present of Innobot Health delivering on our service promises, is that real customers are willing to share positive words with others.

"We were able to reduce our claim appeals submission time by 70% by automating the denial analysis, categorization, review, and appeal submission process with Innobot in just 8 months. This has freed up our staff to focus on more productive tasks, and it has also improved our Average days in AR."

- CEO, Specialty Healthcare Company

"Our new pre-registration automation solution with Innobot has helped us to improve our eligibility and authorization denials by reducing the number of errors in our pre-service process. This has led to increased revenue and a more efficient workflow for our staff."

- COO, Hospital

"We were looking for a way to improve our customer service without adding more staff. Healthcare automation has allowed us to do just that by providing our patients with 24/7 access to self-service resources. This has reduced our call volume and improved our patient satisfaction scores."

- Customer Service Manager, Medical Practice

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