Innobot Health works with healthcare enterprises to make better decisions and get work done through automation. Thanks to our scalable architecture and low-code platform, even the biggest health organizations can stay streamlined, agile, and ready for what's next.

Simplicity is what we live for, what we build, what we promise. 

Who we are.

We are NOT techies that figured out how to help healthcare. We are healthcare experts that found a better way with technology. 

What we do.

We take the overwhelming volumes performed by your staff and place them on auto-repeat so your staff can do something more meaningful. 

What next?

Let us show you how with a 3-5 week implementation of a single process that is guaranteed to bring you an ROI. Contact us to see a free demonstration and plan your automation roadmap.

Natasha Schlinkert, CEO

Natasha Schlinkert
Chief Executive Officer

f.	Summerly Gardiner- Director of Dental Market Success

Summerly Gardiner
Director of Dental Market Success

Lori Andersen- Vice President of Contracts

Lori Andersen
Vice President of Contracts

Lani Perera- Director of Content Strategy

Lani Perera
Director of Content Strategy

Mario Weerakone- Director of Operations

Mario Weerakone
Director of Operations

Yashodha Lankatilleka- Director of Talent Development

Yashodha Lankatilleka
Director of Quality and Talent Development

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