Healthcare Through Automation

We deploy AI across your healthcare organization to maximize profitability and unlock operational excellence.

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RCM, finance, operations, and beyond

Innobot facilitates AI-driven transformation by introducing a comprehensive layer of automation across the entire organization.


reduction in time spent scheduling



reduction in in-person patient registration activities



less time spent on reconciliation and audit reports

Payment Posting


or more reduction in claim denials

Claims Processing


reduction in time spent with charge capture

Denial Appeals


reduction in manual time spent on cleaning and submitting claims

Reporting and KPI Dashboards

Services Highlight

Automation that fits into your existing workflows. Don’t change it, just put it on autopilot.

We know that out of the box “one size fits all” solutions do NOT work in healthcare. We build automation by training the computer to follow a set of rules (Like training a new employee) to complete the work your staff is doing every day.

Data Analytics

Eliminate hours of pulling reports and making presentations for Month End Reporting.

We program the automation to pull data from multiple sources, validate and standardize the data and create custom KPI dashboards, visual graphs and drill-down views. All customized to what you want and need to see.

Process Videos

We build custom workflows in all E.H.R. and Practice Management software to complete tasks in record time freeing your staff up to do more purposeful things.

Take a look at some of these automations that are working for our clients.

The Innobot Platform

Increase Revenue

Reduce Bad Debt

Decrease Overhead

Why Innobot

Fast Implementation

RCM company at the core and innovation is what we do.

No Integration Required.

Lower cost than ANY Competitor.

All builds are custom for you.

We work seamlessly with your teams

We provide ROI analytics to help you map your automation journey.

We provide ROI analytics to help you map your automation journey.

Hear from real clients what it’s like working with Innobot

Collaborates with all of your systems

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