Innobot sees untapped value and efficiencies in AI healthcare

Innobot, LLC is a Healthcare Automation company providing services to hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, standalone imaging and healthcare clinics, physician groups, Revenue Cycle Management Companies, MSOs and IPAs.

Our focus is on resolving manual Revenue Cycle workflow issues causing a loss in revenue from government payers, commercial third-party carriers and patients. Our state-of-the-art, full-service process streamlining and automation solutions are concentrated on improving cash flow and earnings by:

  • Removing manual processes through robotic process automation
  • Increasing accuracy of patient coverage and demographic data
  • Meeting carrier pre-service guidelines
  • Recovering historically denied claims
  • Obtaining authorizations
  • Identification of underlying process gaps
  • Identifying and correcting denial trends through analytics
  • Leading organizations to reduce denied claims to a nationally recognized key metric of (<5%)

Our performance improvement strategies help facilities dramatically reduce revenue loss, reduce overhead costs and increase efficiencies. We offer unparalleled performance analytics during engagement or as a standalone service to identify denial trends and pinpoint specific procedures, diagnosis, departments, providers, carriers, or any combination thereof to drive immediate actionable opportunities for improvement in workflow processes resulting in rapid positive cash flow.

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Robotic Process Automation: Innobot Health
Innobot Health: Process Automation Solutions | A.I.

Our approach, simplified.

Innobot Health knows that without shared knowledge, health systems are essentially working in the dark. Innobot’s unparalleled wisdom across healthcare allows us to shine a new light on the broken processes that stand between healthcare executives and exceptional AI health.

  1. Identify manual processes that are automation capable.

  2. Document and build automation workflow and projected ROI.

  3. Implement and manage the robotic process automation and track success

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Innobot's Core Focus

Healthcare Executives

  • Hospital CEO/CFO/VP

  • RCM company CEO/CFO/VP


  • Large Physician Group CEO/CFO/VP

Healthcare Executives: Robotic Process Automation

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