Backend Revenue Cycle Automation:

Streamlining Your Healthcare Organization's Financial Operations

At Innobot Health, we understand the complexities involved in managing a healthcare organization's financial operations. From patient billing to insurance claims processing, the backend revenue cycle can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That's why we offer a comprehensive automated backend revenue cycle automation solution that streamlines your organization's financial operations and improves your revenue cycle management.

  • Automated Claim Status

422 payers already automated and we build custom bots to do the rest!

  • Automated ERA/Paper EOB Payment Posting

Our bots will import the 835, match any payments that didn't post, reconcile and close. Paper EOBs can be read and turned into an importable 835.

  • Automated Medical Records Submission

Let our bots reply to medical records requests and denials by downloading the relevant records and uploading them to payor portal or e-faxing them.

  • Automated Denial Appeal Package Submission

The bots run denial reports, complete templated appeal letters and upload or e-fax to the claims departments.

  • Automated Patient Statements

Have bots review credit and debit offsetting balances and correct them and then send patient statements.

  • Automated Adjustments

Manually adjusting your CO109, OA23, Cap adjustments and small balances? Our bots can do it for you!

Automated claim status, powered by custom bots, can provide significant benefits for healthcare providers, including improved efficiency, increased accuracy, and decreased workload for billing staff. The process of building custom bots can be straightforward and efficient. By automating tasks such as ERA/Paper EOB Payment Posting, Medical Records Submission, Denial Appeal Package Submission, Patient Statements, and Adjustments, healthcare providers can focus more on patient care and less on revenue cycle management.

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