Customized Hospital Automated Workflow Solutions

Hospitals and healthcare systems are in the midst of digital transformation, and one of the key areas Innobot Health focuses is the implementation of automated workflow solutions. These solutions help streamline processes, improve patient care, and increase efficiency. Below are four specific solutions that can help optimize hospital operations.

  • Automated ER Registration

Identifies when patient has been triaged and alerts registrar to collect patient insurance then verifies eligibility and calculates patient liability.

  • Automated Census Monitoring

Average time in the bed, bed occupancy, nursing ratio, approaching 24/72 hour alerts.

  • Automated Utilization Review

Finds and enters patient information into InterQual or Millman to determine appropriate level of care.

  • Automated IP Stay notifications

Will send all relevant patient information to payer as soon as the patient status meets IP criteria.

Customized hospital automated workflow solutions can help hospitals streamline processes, improve patient care, and increase efficiency. Innobot Health can help optimize hospital operations, enabling hospital staff to provide high-quality care to patients while minimizing errors and improving accuracy. Automated ER registration, automated census monitoring, automated utilization review, and automated IP stay notifications are just a few examples of the solutions that can help hospitals achieve their goals.

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