Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) solutions by Innobot Health makes it simple to design, deploy, and manage automation robots that complete revenue cycle tasks with existing digital solutions and software. Like humans, software robots recognize what’s on a digital screen, complete the right keystrokes, navigate EMR/EHR systems, identify and extract data, and perform a wide range of actionable items. But software robots can do it quicker and more efficiently than people, without the need for 15 minute bio breaks or pouring a cup of coffee.

Just imagine the ease of walking into the office in the morning and looking at a dashboard of overnight successful completion of:

  • Eligibility - These can be for upcoming appointments or recently added charges before claim submission.
  • Authorization - These can be for upcoming scheduled procedures based on a set of Auth requirement rules or retro-authorization for rejections or denials.
  • Medical Records - These can be for requests by physician offices, patients, law firms or insurances prior to claim submission and after receiving a rejection or denial requesting documentation.
  • Workload Delegation - Creating tasks for employees based on roles for Billing, coding, AR follow-up, patient contact or anything you can imagine.
  • Claim edit resolution- Correcting claim errors and resubmitting claims rejected for gender mismatch, name mismatch, policy number errors, zip code mismatch, LCD/NCD coding edits, rendering provider identifying numbers, etc.
  • Claim Status - When there is no response from the payor, RPA can check online for claim status or navigate the IVR systems to avoid hours of wasted time on hold.
  • Payment Posting and reconciliation - RPA can post payments both from retrieving files or via OCR from scanned paper correspondence. Tasks can also be created for follow-up during the payment posting process.
  • Denial Appeals- Templated appeal letters can be sent with copies of the claim and medical records based on a set of rules as soon as a denial is posted.
  • Patient Statements and Adjustments - Set on dunning rules, RPA can identify the last payment date and print statements overnight so your printers are available for staff during business hours.

Client and internal reporting/dashboards - Let RPA run and modify reports into beautiful reports with charts and dashboards and email them directly to desired recipients saving time and effort of highly skilled analytics teams.

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