Healthcare Task Volumes | Keystroke Analytics

By utilizing employee productivity reports or task code tracking in combination with rejection and denial codes, we can quickly identify what your teams are spending the most amount of time on and reduce wasted human capital resources. Sometimes we identify streamlined process ideas that are not necessarily robotic process automation. That just comes from years of running revenue cycle operations in the inpatient and outpatient care settings and overcoming the frustrations of monotonous and repetitive administrative tasks that really aren’t hard but can be very time consuming. By utilizing ANSI/CARC/RARC volume trending we can prioritize automation by highest ROI value first. With access to 277 rejection codes and 835 ERA data, high volume errors can be corrected by bots before claims are even submitted.

Healthcare Task Volumes | Keystroke Analysis | Robotic Process Automation

Innobot Health healthcare task management solutions lets you track, manage deadlines, and direct tasks to specific patient charts to better manage your practice.

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